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Alcatel Fujitsu Toshiba LG HiteVision

Full LCD Widescreen HD Capable Monitor


  • Port Replicator for LIFEBOOK (U745, T725, E754, E744, E734, E554 and E544) and CELSIUS H730
    Flexibility, expandability, desktop replacement, investment protection – to
    name just a few benefits of Fujitsu’s docking options.
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  • Port Replicator
    Flexibility, expandability, desktop replacement and investment protection
    are just a few benefits of Fujitsu docking options. It takes just a second
    to attach your notebook to the Port Replicator to connect to your external
    display, keyboard and mouse. Choose from a selection of port replicators to
    suit your Notebook and enjoy a hassle free and tidy workplace.
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  • PocketSaver
    The Fujitsu Kensington PocketSaver with its pocketable design and
    1200mm retractable steel cable is the perfect anti-theft solution for when
    you are on the go. The patented T-bar lock mechanism and the tempered
    steel cable provide maximum security. The Fujitsu Kensington PocketSaver
    keeps your device protected wherever you roam.
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  • Prestige Case Maxi 17
    The Prestige Case Maxi 17 protects notebooks with up to 17-inch screens.
    The front half of the bag has compartments for your notebook, power cord,
    and office supplies. The back half zips open to reveal a second padded
    equipment compartment with configurable divide that’s perfect for a
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  • SpaceMouse™ Pro
    Using the SpaceMouse™ Pro 3D mouse to navigate 3D models or
    environments is as simple as holding them in your hand. A slight
    movement of the controller cap delivers easy and precise control.
    SpaceMouse™ Pro is a companion to the traditional mouse and is operated
    with the free hand. Your traditional mouse hand is free to select, create and
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