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Alcatel Fujitsu Toshiba LG HiteVision

Full LCD Widescreen HD Capable Monitor


  • Display P24W-7 LED
    If you’re a pixel, color and performance-hungry professional using
    demanding applications, the FUJITSU P24W-7 LED Display is the perfect
    choice. The display provides outstanding picture performance thanks to a
    cutting-edge graphic panel. It also boasts unique and innovative features
    such as our patent-applied Presence Sensor technology and the Always
    Available Powered USB Hub.
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  • Display P27T-7 UHD
    For pixel, color and performance-hungry professionals using demanding
    applications, look no further than the FUJITSU P27T-7 UHD Display. It
    provides outstanding picture quality with Ultra High Definition (UHD)
    resolution, also known as 4k. Picture in Picture (PiP), unrivalled
    ergonomics, a multitude of UHD supporting interfaces and manageability
    make this the perfect choice.
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  • Blue LED Mouse GL9000
    Blue LED Mouse GL9000 comes in a slim design with proven Fujitsu
    engineering quality. The state-of-the-art blue LED sensor enables ultra
    precise switchable resolution at 1,000, 1,500 and 2,000 dpi. Blue LED
    Mouse GL9000 makes your life easier because it’s tailor-made for right
    handed users. It just feels great in your hand.
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  • SpaceMouse™ Pro
    Using the SpaceMouse™ Pro 3D mouse to navigate 3D models or
    environments is as simple as holding them in your hand. A slight
    movement of the controller cap delivers easy and precise control.
    SpaceMouse™ Pro is a companion to the traditional mouse and is operated
    with the free hand. Your traditional mouse hand is free to select, create and
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  • Keyboard KBPC PX ECO
    Fujitsu’s KBPC PX ECO keyboard is the perfect contribution to Green IT. The
    keyboard is made out of 45% renewable raw material and comes with a PVC
    free USB cable. In addition, the KBPC PX ECO offers first class comfort and
    ergonomics. It attracts attention with its impressive modern design and
    useful extras.
    S26381-K341-L1** (**:
    country specific variation)
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