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High performance Up to 1.28 terabits per second (Tbps) of wire-rate capacity, sub microsecond latency for high performance server and core connectivity
Redundant hardware system architecture. Internal, hot-swappable power supplies, fans. Front-to-back cooling Resiliency maximizes uptime for converged mission-critical networks
High 10GigE port density in 1RU. • up to 32 fixed SFP+ ports for the OS6900-X20 • up to 64 fixed SFP+ ports for the OS6900-X40 Increases density in a single rack and supports next-generation service densities with a very high port density in a 1U form factor. Modular slots offer versatility in terms of 40GbE uplinks and resulting oversubscription.
Lowest power consumption per 10GbE port in its class Ensures efficient power management, reduces operating expenses and lowers total cost of ownership (TCO) through the low power consumption.
Virtual Network Profile Building on the Alcatel-Lucent concept of Mobile VLAN, the OmniSwitch 6900 offers mobile network services for Virtual Machines that are added, moved and changed across the data center. Combined with very large MAC table the OmniSwitch 6900 provides support for virtualized data centers.
Wire-rate performance for switching and routing at 10G and gigabit speeds. Advanced services are incorporated in the operating system: QoS, access control lists (ACLs), L2/L3, VLAN stacking, and IPv6 Outstanding performance when supporting real-time voice, data, and video applications for converged scalable networks
Hardware-based virtual routing and forwarding (VRF) support Reduces cost across the enterprise through hardware consolidation that achieves network segmentation and security without additional hardware installation.
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