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Alcatel Fujitsu Toshiba LG HiteVision
Finger Touch Interactive Board



Energy Saving: USB Power supply doesn't need external power supply. Professional faceplate material with highgain and contrast, anti-dizzy and glisten, smooth surface for easy writing.

Touch operation: Write, draw and operate computer on boards by finger or point directly. Intelligent Pen-holder to let the Pen can be written the moment picked up. Through change different Pen color, the system will change the writing color automatically.

Powerful screen editing function supports writing, drawing, endorsing on any software interface or dynamic video. Easy and convenient tooling bar for operation. Switch between pen and mouse at random without clicking any button. Documents by handwriting easily insert into format like word, PPT, PDF, Excel, HTML etc. and save accordingly.

Gesture recognition: Single click realizes the function of writing by hands. Screen roaming by repeatedly click. Unlimited writing, roaming, zooming in and zooming out. Re-playing function for the writing and drawing.

Recording function: Users writing and language can be synchronized recorded and saved as standard flow media format. Automatic storage of all written page which display in thumbnails.

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