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LG L Fino(D295)

LG L Fino(D295)


  • Gesture Shot

    Are you sick and tired of the awkward poses in your selfies? With Gesture Shot you can now simply capture a true-to-life snap of yourself. Opening your hand to the front camera will activate the feature and as you simply make a fist, the camera will start the countdown, giving you a plenty of time to pose for your picture.

  • Touch & Shoot

    Stop going through the irritating process of adjusting focus and pressing the shutter. Using Touch & Shoot, you can simply touch anywhere on the screen and the camera will automatically correct the focus and activate the shutter for amazing 8MP shots.

  • Front Camera Light

    Should'nt the camera on the front have a flash? And this is the reason why LG has created Selfie Light. With the display working as a flash, you can grab a clear snap of yourself even in the dark.

  • 1.2GHz Quad Core CPU

    With the 1.2GHz Quad Core performance, everything you do now will be much more swift and smooth.

  • 11.43 cm (4.5) True IPS Display

    The 11.43 cm (4.5) True IPS Display of L Fino will always deliver natural colors and immersive viewing

  • Knock Code™

    Tap anywhere on the display and you can directly access your home screen. Your privacy just got more secure with over 86,000 personalized combinations.

  • Smart Keyboard

    Typing is now faster and more convenient with the Smart Keyboard that not only adjusts the height and layout but also adjusts to your personal typing style.

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