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Alcatel Fujitsu Toshiba LG HiteVision
Standard Performance SM5KB Series

Full LCD Widescreen HD Capable Monitor


Smart Platform
Quad Core SoC*
The High Performance SoC can execute several tasks at the
same time and provides smooth content playback.
Enhanced Design Confi guration
Slimmer Bezel
The thinner bezel allows a
perfect fi t for a sleek look.
Detachable Logo
The detachable logo allows
for installation in the desired
orientation in landscape or
portrait mode.
Cable Management
The well-organized cable
terminals in the back
optimize available space.
Dust & Humidity

Conformal Coating
Circuit board reliability is enhanced with
conformal coating that protects against
dust, iron powder, humidity and other harsh
Built-in IR Receiver
This receiver is very space
effi cient with features that are
detachable and adjustable to
suit your environment.